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How To Add A Website


Login To The Sentora Panel

Go to Client Area, then Login under Sentora Panel and login with the credentials you were emailed.


Add Your Domain Name

Go to Domain > Domains (at the top menu), then enter the domain name you ordered the service with into "Domain Name:" and make sure "Create a new home directory" is selected. Now wait for the Status to change from "Pending" to "Live",(this should only take up to 5 minutes) you can check this by re-clicking Domain > Domains.


Upload Website Files

Go to File > FTP Accounts (at the top menu) and create a new FTP account, making sure they have full access and "Use Domain directory" and "/ (root)" is selected. Once done, using an FTP client (we recommend FileZilla) enter "" as the host and use the credentials you just created, then go to "public_html" > your domain and upload the website files. If your website doesn't have an index.html file, delete the one that is already included. Once done, go to your domain in your browser to confirm you website is up and running. If you have any problems feel free to contact us via our Discord server and we will be more than happy to help you.